School Counselor Duties:

School counselors in Alabama have very specific roles. Our duties include classroom guidance lessons, small group and individual counseling, as well as consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators. While counselors never discipline students, we can assist with positive behavior strategies. Our goal is for each student to develop socially, emotionally, and academically, and we strive to create a safe and positive environment in which each child can accomplish this.

School counselors work with students on social skills, personal safety, anger, college and career preparation, anxiety, friendship, manners, grief/loss, and many other important concerns. We can assist our families in times of hardship. As counselors, we are dedicated to helping each child succeed in school and life.

Extra Resources for Parents:

1. Character Education Resource

Character Tree is a website that offers videos as well as printable resources on character education, such as Respect, Hope, Bravery, and Perseverance. They are offering free subscriptions now until June 30th. You have the ability to use this site as a resource to remind them of the importance of positive character. 

Here is the link to the site. You will have to create an account as a parent, but after that all the resources are free until June 30th. 

The Character Tree - The Character Tree


2. Talking with your kids about coronavirus.

This link is for parents. It provides information about how to speak to your students about coronvirus.


3. Anxiety

During this time of transition, students may experience anxiety. 

Please be very mindful not to place undo fear in your child over the current situation. We all want them to be safe. We need for you to work with them on washing their hands and staying safe, but they do not need to hear about all of the details related to this pandemic. Please be mindful of that when you are watching news articles and discussing things with other adults. Your child's brain is still developing. They don't process things on the level that an adult would. They need you to remain calm. Set up routines for your child while they are at home. Most children flourish with structure and consistency. My hope is that our students do not experience anxiety related to this transition. 


Here are some tips for parenting a child who is experiencing anxiety:

*Pay attention to your child’s feelings.

*Stay calm when your child becomes anxious about a situation or event.

*Recognize and praise small accomplishments.

*Don’t punish mistakes or lack of progress.

*Be flexible, but try to maintain a normal routine.

*Modify expectations during stressful periods.

*Plan for transitions (For example, allow extra time in the morning if getting to school is difficult).

(Tips from Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

Kaitlyn Mount

Guidance Counselor

PH: 251-221-1630